Sunday, August 30, 2015

Market Update: S&P 500 & Sensex

You can click on the links for the data report for S&P 500 and Sensex.  I will update this periodically, normally weekly, unless I am busy with other stuff.  

The "Views" page is left blank intentionally.  I thought instead of nattering on with my views, I'd crowd-source a more worthy report through your comments.  All comments will be published after moderation except for those that are submitted by bots or marketing messages, and those which are rude or abusive.

If you do comment, come back later to view what others said.  And if you want the crowd-sourced commentary to be good, forward the link to the smart people you know and ask that they comment.

We all know that the S&P 500 closed the week up 0.91% after closing down 5.77% the week before - over two weeks the index is down 4.91%.  The Sensex closed down 3.56% after having closed down 2.5% the week prior - over two weeks the index is down 5.97%.  Clearly Ursa mauled Taurus.  And Taurus struck back by goring Ursa.  Now wounded, Ursa is more dangerous than ever.  

Fortunately, Taurus remains watchful, and far from complacent.  He turns towards his cow (Janet) for help.  Should she help, he may launch a more determined offensive on Ursa.  Without an assist from the cow, I'm afraid we may have to wait on the next generation of Taurus to rise.

What do you think?